Difference In Static IP Address & Dynamic IP Address

As the names imply, a static ip address is one that is static and will never change. A dynamic ip address is only good for a limited amount of time and will change depending on the internet service provider you subscribe to.

A static ip address is usually needed if you are hosting a web server, FTP server or anyother service that would require that an ip address remain constant. For home based broadband connections, a dynamic ip address is sufficient. Different ISPs (like Comcast and Time Warner) have policies and rules surrounding the duration for which a dynamic ip address remains fixed. DHCP is used to provide a new dynamic ip address to a computer when it logs on to a network. There is usually an additional fee associated in obtaining a static ip address.

A Static IP Address is not needed if:

1. You only browse the internet, check email or chat online.
2. Do not host any kind of website on a webserver, FTP server, Email server or similar services.
3. Upload and Download files.
4. Use a VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) phone service like vonage.

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