Free Internet Connection Speed Test

The following test will measure the speed of your internet connection. With this test you can check if you are really receiving the bandwidth as promised by your Internet Service Provider.

Download speed can be defined as the rate or speed at which data reaches your computer through your Internet Service Provider. When you are visiting a website, reading email, listening to music or watching movies online, you are basically downloading data. How fast the data is downloaded will decide your internet experience. Always beware of the "up to speed" promises from ISPs. When an ISP says their connection speed is up to say 7 Mbps, it does not necessarily mean that data downloaded by you will be at that rate.

Upload speed can be defined as the rate or speed at which data is sent out from your computer through your internet connection. You are uploading when you are attaching files to your email, uploading pictures online (Flickr, Picasa etc) or running a FTP server or a service of some sort.

Speed Test requires at least version 8 of Flash. Please update your client.

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